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Energy Load Evaluation


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We need your Energy Usage Information!

There are a couple of options for you:


1. You can download our Energy Evaluation form below and print it, then fill it out by hand and e-mail or snail mail it back to us. (Do your best with the calculations but please call if you have any questions).
Click on this link to email us questions or your completed form: Great Solar Works!

PrintableEnergyEvalForm2021.pdf (updated 5/14/2021)


[Adobe Reader (free) will be needed -- click HERE to download the most RECENT version]

[Downloading Hint: RIGHT-click the file and select "SAVE/ SAVE TARGET AS/SAVE LINK AS" to save to your hard drive. Then open the pdf with the most recent version of Adobe Reador or Acrobat. For other hints about emailing
attachments, click here: Email Hints]


2. Another option is to fill out the form below and we will email you a pdf version of the form that you can then enter your data electronically (it will do all the calculating for you)! Once you complete the calculation sheet return it to Great Solar Works!


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Press and your request will be processed or to start again. We aim to respond within 24 hours.






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Now, as the future manager of your new power company, this is the most tedious but crucial planning phase you will have go through. Completing this form is the most critical phase of the system design process. The information you provide on this form is the basis of the design. I will use this information to determine the best and least expensive way to meet your system requirements. The more accurate the information you provide, the more efficient and less expensive the system.


To Get Started: List all of your electrical appliances on the Calculation Sheet electronically or by hand.


Go through each room of your house and systematically itemize each electrical appliance by name, quantity, and put the number of watts or amps it uses in the appropriate column. Later you will add the hours per day you use each appliance, and the days per week you use each appliance. Note - You will need to look at the back or the bottom of each item and read the wattage or amperage and the voltage. If you can’t find it, contact the retailer or manufacturer to get the information specific to your equipment or appliance.

As you wake up in the morning, begin recording all of
your energy usage. Keep track of the amount of time you use each electrical appliance until you retire for the night. If your energy system is to be used year-round, record the amount of time each appliance is turned on, based on
your pattern of usage on the shortest day of the year (December 21). If your energy system will be a two- or three-season system, we will use your recorded typical pattern of usage on the shortest daylight of that period.


Great Solar Works also has a meter available to borrow with a deposit that will measure the energy used by your appliances. Call us for details.


Please call if you have questions, there is no such thing as a dumb question, and congratulations on the first
step to energy independence.
When you have completed this, I will review and total up the information and we
will discuss the options, which usually can reduce your energy loads. The Energy Evaluation Form can be completed electronically and emailing the completed
form; or by printing/writing and mailing or faxing back
the completed form.



Dana Orzel

Great Solar Works! designs and installs solar, wind and hydro on-site power generation systems and
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