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Solar Direct Injection

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Solar Direct Injection Radiant Floor Heating Systems


Solar Direct injection is a simple closed-loop solar radiant floor design that is solar heated. It is comprised of a closed loop between the solar collectors and heating tubes installed in the structure's floor. Temperature can be adjusted through regulating valves that will allow for mixing of the warmer supply and cooler return fluids.


Solar-heated liquid flows directly from the solar collectors into the tubes in the floor, warming the building. Solar Direct Injection designs are suited to a well-insulated mass floors in sunny climates. They are also suited for snow-melt systems. Mass is important so that the mass of the floor will radiate heat through the night, since there is no fluid storage tank.


Solar direct injection parallels nicely with high efficiency boiler backup.


Great Solar Works! designs and installs custom, high-efficiency, and reliable solar heating and hot water systems, with components that will maximize longetivity of the system. Each of our systems is custom designed with high-efficiency components.

solar direct injection radiant floor heat

Great Solar Works! has trained with solar hot water and solar heating pioneer Bristol Stickney, who has brilliantly combined solar and hydronic heating technologies in applications throughout the Southwest U.S.


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Great Solar Works! designs and installs solar, wind and hydro on-site power generation systems and
energy efficient pumping and heating technologies for off-grid and grid-tied locations.
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