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Solar Hot Water

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heating systems use south-facing solar collectors to capture solar energy in the form of heat which is transferred to water or a high heat transfer fluid such as propylene glycol.


The solar collectors can be arrays of evacuated tubes or flat panels, and can be installed on roofs, accessory buildings, or free standing mounts. Active systems use circulating pumps (which may also be solar-powered) to produce hot water up to 195 degrees F. Active systems can produce more hot water per day than passive systems.


Passive systems do not have any pumps, controls, or moving parts. They simply use gravity and in-line water pressure to move heated water to a storage tank. Passive systems typically provide 60-80 gallons of hot water per day, depending on their size, and are the most reliable and cost-efficient way to heat domestic hot water. Passive systems are typically not good in freezing climates.


Solar hot water systems are also used to heat water or fluid for in-floor radiant heat. Pools and spas can be heated with solar hot water systems--pool and spa heating systems can have just a 2-year payback period. Most domestic solar hot water systems used to produce hot water for the typical family pay for themselves in 4-7 years.While upfront cost is more expensive than fossil-fueled convential water heaters, solar hot water systems save their owners 60-70% on their energy bills, annually!


Solar water heating systems usually save owners 50-80% off their water heating bills. The sun provides free energy that won't be subject to a rate increase!

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Active Solar Hot Water System (modified from SolarDepot)
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