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"It was five years ago today that you tied my system to the grid. I’m taking this opportunity to share some statistics on a “real world” system with you. Feel free to share this information with prospective customers."
Read the full pdf letter by clicking here.

"I keep close tabs on the electricity my PV panels produce. They just keep cranking it out with no problems. On May 20 it’ll be five years since they went on line. I’m writing this morning because they just broke even on generation. For a long time I was going in the hole because of a hot tub. I never used it so I turned it off and have been steadily gaining since. As of this morning, the total power produced is 28.054 MWH. Thanks for a quality installation of a quality product." 
Roger Loper

"This is a strong letter of recommendation for Dana Orzel and his crew at Great Solar Works, and to the incredible solar hot water system they installed for us one year ago.  It has worked flawlessly, supplying ALL our hot water (the significance which you will appreciate as you read on).  The electric backup has only run for a TOTAL of three hours in that entire year, and that was only after several days of cloudy, stormy weather."
Bob and Sue Scott - Read the full pdf letter by clicking here.


"Since we live at 10,400 feet ASL, this has allowed us to live comfortably, efficiently and completely off the grid as far as all our energy needs are concerned." Robert Tebbe, Jr.
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"I have been receiving the services and Dana Orzel and his skilled team for about three years. I have been treated with respect with excellent levels of quality in a variety of complex installation...The team consistently accomplished these tasks correctly the first time with freedom from breakdowns after installation. As complicated and high tech as these systems are I find that rather astonishing." Todd B. Barbey -
Read the full pdf letter by clicking here.

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Great Solar Works! designs and installs solar, wind and hydro on-site power generation systems and
energy efficient pumping and heating technologies for off-grid and grid-tied locations.
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