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Water Pumping and

Water Filtration Systems

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Water Pumping & Water Filtration

Water Pumping and Water Filtration Systems


Water Pumping Systems


Water pumping systems for livestock or irrigation are simple: a DC pump pumping water into a trough powered by a DC photovoltaic array, wind turbine, or hydro power system. A heater to keep the water from freezing can also be powered by a simple DC system. The system is sized to ensure that the water in storage doesn't run dry during extended periods of cloudy weather. A simple controller can regulate the voltage supply to the pump and shut the pump off when the water storage tank is full.


Pumping water with a solar system makes sense--most water needs are during the longer days of spring, summer, and fall. Systems can designed to be portable, mounted on a trailer and moved from well to well as needed.


While pumping into a water storage tank is cost efficient for most ranchers or water users, batteries and a charge controller can be added to store power for sunless periods.


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Great Solar Works! utilizes high efficiency Grundfos pumps that operate on both AC and DC current. These pumps are long-lived and very reliable.

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Water Filtration Systems


Great Solar Works! believes in health and quality clean potable water regardless of urban or off-grid water source. We can design a filtration system to remove any natural or unnatural constituent in your water.

We are a trusted dealer of LIVINGWATERS® - SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ products. Benefits of our systems include:

• Works without electricity or high water pressure; no wasted water - great for off-grid locations or during blackouts, emergencies with boil water orders, etc.;

• Removal of bacteria and cysts (99.999999%) and viruses (99.95%);

• Effective removal of fluoride available for urban areas;

• Effective nitrate removal available for well users in agricultural areas;

• Effective Chloramine removal for municipal water users whose water providers have chloramination treatment systems ;

• 10-year warranty and the newest technology developments are incorporated into all our replacement cartridges so old systems perform like new ones.


Highly Recommended Water Filtration Resources:

Link: Conscious Living Systems Understanding water and health.
Link: Conscious Living Systems Understanding Drinking Water Contaminants.


Great Solar Works! designs and installs solar, wind and hydro on-site power generation systems and
energy efficient pumping and heating technologies for off-grid and grid-tied locations.
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