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Looking for a reliable & experienced Solar Company in Hailey, Idaho? Great Solar Works! offers solar installations to power and heat off-grid homes.
Hailey, Idaho Solar Company
Backup Generators
A secondary power source that automatically kicks in to provide electrical power when the power goes out. 
Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar water heating systems use south-facing solar collectors to capture solar energy to heat water.

Solar Direct Injection Radiant Floor Heating Systems
Solar Direct injection is a simple closed-loop solar radiant floor design that is solar heated. 

Radiant Floor Heat & Snow Melt Systems
Radiant Floor or "warm in-floor" heating uses solar collectors in conjunction with floor materials with thermal mass such as cement, stone, and adobe.

Water Pumping & Filtration Systems
Water pumping systems for livestock or irrigation. We also offer filtration systems to remove any natural or unnatural constituent such as nitrates, viruses, and bacteria.

System Refurbishing
If your system is not performing to meet your needs, please call us to discuss your situation. We service and revitalize or refurbish under-performing systems designed or installed by others.


After our complex and aging hybrid solar/heating system had been having reliability issues for several years, our long-time heating contractor suggested we work with Dana with Great Solar Works. Dana completely redesigned our system and in the process installed a simplified interface, a new controller, and replaced our solar panels, among many upgrades.   Since then, we’ve had no problems and have realized a higher contribution from solar to reducing our overall energy costs.  

~ David K.

Hailey, Idaho Solar Company

Great Solar Works! offers off-grid power and heating solutions including Solar PV Electric, Wind Generated Electric Power, Hydro Generated Electric Power, plus backup generators, solar hot water systems, solar direct injection radiant floor heating systems, radiant floor heat and snow melt systems, water pumping and filtration systems, and system refurbishing for homes and businesses in Hailey, Idaho.
Hailey, Idaho Solar Company

Founded in 1988, Great Solar Works! has over 30 years of experience designing and installing residential, commercial, and government solar power and heating systems in Idaho and surrounding states.

As a local Idaho company, Great Solar Works! has in-depth knowledge of the state's solar incentives, policies, and regulations, enabling them to provide tailored solutions to customers.

Solar Company in Hailey, ID

Off-Grid Solar PV Electric
We are a Solar Company that serves Hailey, Idaho with installations of Off-Grid Solar PV Electric systems. Our Solar Electric Modules can convert sunlight directly into electricity with no moving parts, no maintenance, no fuel, and no pollution.

Wind Generated Electric Power

Great Solar Works! is a solar company that offers wind systems in Hailey, Idaho.  Our wind power systems are designed for the amount of power needed, quantity of water to be pumped, well depth, and strength of wind resource.

Hydro Generated Electric Power
We also design hydro electric power systems for grid-tied or off-grid  homes in Hailey, Idaho. We design the systems  to be optimized for the amount of power needed, seasonal or perennial flow of available water, and grid-tied or off-grid application.

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Great Solar Works! Inc. is a well-established and experienced solar installer in Idaho, offering comprehensive solar solutions for residential, commercial, and government clients across the state.