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PV Grid-Tied System, Solar Thermal System Review

PV Grid-Tied System, Solar Thermal System Review

Thursday, January 12, 2023

I have been receiving the services and Dana Orzel and his skilled team for about three years.

I have been treated with respect with excellent levels of quality in a variety of complex installations as follows:

1. Photovoltaic Grid Tied Syst. (72 Evergreen Solar 180W Modules 13 KW)

2. Rooftop Solar Thermal Syst. (6 Apricus 30 Tube Collectors and (3) 120 Gallon Tanks (900 K BTU Day) - This provided domestic water, in floor, roof melt and pool heating backup.

3. Water Rx System

4. Radant Foil

The team consistently accomplished these tasks correctly the first time with freedom from breakdowns after installation. As complicated and high tech as these systems are I find that rather astonishing. This is a rare example of getting what you pay for, understanding that this is an exception to what I receive from contractors in our SW Colo. region in other areas in terms of a cost benefit analysis. These installations have had to withstand the tough mountain conditions on our 115 acre working horse ranch at 7800 feet where 24 to 65 inch snowfalls occur. Power outages of 4 days have been sustained. (See location at and click on Bar Bay Ranch at the bottom of that page for photos) Please see Dana for photos of our projects.

I would recommend Great Solar Works to anyone.


Todd B. Barbey

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