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Solar-Tracking PV Panels Testimonial

Solar-Tracking PV Panels Testimonial

Thursday, January 12, 2023

February 22, 2010 


Pursuant to your request, this letter is to recommend your services as a solar engineer/installer based on the $180,000 + work you have performed on this ranch over the last six years. 

Said work included the installation of 2 solar-tracking PV panels, an 8,000 lb. battery bank, a 3-cylinder Cummings back-up generator, glycol panels to supply a radiant floor-heating system, solar domestic hot water system, and lightning protection. Since we live at 10,400 feet ASL, this has allowed us to live comfortably, efficiently and completely off the grid as far as all our energy needs are concerned. 

Very truly yours, 

Robert Tebbe, Jr.

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