Solar Direct Injection

Solar Direct Injection Heating

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Solar Direct Injection

How Solar Direct Injection
Heating Works

Solar Direct Injection [SDI] can provide 80-90% of a well-insulated structure’s heat requirements depending on the winter, and 60-70% on a lesser insulated structure. 

SDI is the principal of injecting solar thermal heat into your 4-6” concrete slab to store heat from a solar thermal collector array. You can store heat for your building; home or business, without need a storage tank or you can add a storage tank. This system also can additionally produce DHW or Domestic hot water for home or business consumption. See diagram. If you have a slab with appropriate tubing in it, upper or adjacent floors with gypcrete can be heated additionally.

  • Requires & uses a concrete slab to store heat generated by solar thermal collectors.
  • The concrete slab needs to be insulated.
  • Domestic hot water can also be created by the same solar collectors (requires a DHW tank – DHW is not stored in the slab.)
  • Collector angle is typically 60˚-75˚, depending on latitude.
  • Wall mounting on south facing walls is most economical location though free standing is a perfect option.
  • Collectors can be mounted on a close by south building wall, with heat delivered below grade to a separate structure.
  • In snow country the collector array need to have freeboard above snow level to drop snow.
  • Off the self-available controls allow for numerous control options.
  • Digital programming.
  • Automatic over heat protection & heat dump in warm seasons.
  • Auto switchover to back up heat sources with either gas or electric fired boilers or heat pumps.
Solar Injection Diagram
Solar Injection Diagram
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Here's a sample schematic of how Solar Direct Injection works: