Solar Direct Injection

Water Pumping and Water Filtration Systems

We offer design and installation of water pumping systems and filtration systems for home, livestock or irrigation needs.
Solar Direct Injection

Water Pumping Systems

Water pumping systems for livestock or irrigation are simple: a DC pump pumping water into a trough powered by a DC photovoltaic array, wind turbine, or hydro power system. A heater to keep the water from freezing can also be powered by a simple DC system. The system is sized to ensure that the water in storage doesn't run dry during extended periods of cloudy weather. A simple controller can regulate the voltage supply to the pump and shut the pump off when the water storage tank is full.         
Pumping water with a solar system makes sense – most water needs are during the longer days of spring, summer, and fall. Systems can designed to be portable, mounted on a trailer and moved from well to well as needed.

While pumping into a water storage tank is cost efficient for most ranchers or water users, batteries and a charge controller can be added to store power for sunless periods.

Great Solar Works! utilizes high efficiency Grundfos pumps that operate on both AC and DC current. These pumps are long-lived and very reliable.