Solar Direct Injection

Wind Generated Electric Power

Wind Power for Off-Grid Homes
Wind power is like real estate-- what matters is Location, Location, Location. Not all locations have equal wind energy potential. Most are poor, some are excellent! Reach out to us to discuss if your location is right for wind energy:
Solar Direct Injection

Wind Generated
Electric Power

Great Solar Works! wind systems are designed for the amount of power needed, quantity of water to be pumped, well depth, and strength of wind resource. Wind power works well with average wind speeds of at least 10 mph. Wind and solar hybrid systems can provide more constant power outputs. Like all of our power and heating systems, they are designed to achieve the maximum efficiency, reliability, longetivity and to minimize maintenance.

Cost-Effective Small Wind Electric Systems

Small wind electric systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems and the fastest growing renewable energy technology. These systems are nonpolluting and provide power for off-grid and grid-tied applications. They can lower your home's or business' electricity bills by 50%–90%. 

Small wind electric systems are also used for water pumping on ranches. Small wind systems can pump twice the water volume as a mechanical windmill. While windmills must be placed directly above the well, wind-electric pumping systems can be sited away from the well, wherever the wind resource is optimized.